Welcome to Gray Wolf Productions.  I am John T. Harpster, the owner of this site. I started this website in 2004 as jj98.org then changed it to johnjohn98.org so it wouldn't be confused with another site. The website has information for my current projects, how to guides and reference information for TV shows and movies that I like. I hope you enjoy your visit on the site, I've enjoyed making it.

Courage Under Development

Project Courage is under development since 2008 as a crime movie. The movie should have been involved about a guy named Alex Banister, detective from Los Angeles. The story has been changed into a Sci-fi movie that is set in the year 1978 where he thought against an alien invasion in California.

Me and dad are writing a script about and I'm currently planning to put this project in the Bricksville site. The Courage project will include models and artworks about it. The Courage movie is set to be released in 2024 along with Robot Man that come out by 2020.


Bricksville website Under Construction

The Bricksville.net website is under construction by turning into Lego reference website. The site will feature new models rendered in 3d from Ldraw software programs like POV-ray. The site will be completed after sometime in 2017. It feature real Lego sets that you don't have buy since they are expensive nowadays.

I will not have Lego content on my site.

Robot Man Script on Hiatus

The Robot Man script is in hiatus after a two year absence due real life stuff. I'm working my models and my map for the movie. My plan is to start filming next year after the script is completed.

The model will feature a robot and some of my models that I've made on my computer. I've been rewriting the script so that won't be a copycat of The Terminator and RoboCop.



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